Floor Restoration Specialists

Hygiene Masters are floor restoration specialists servicing all Melbourne suburbs. Our vehicles are fitted with state of the art hot water extraction units made and we pride ourselves on our prompt and professional service.


We have a range of cleaning solutions for both inside and outside your house. Whether it’s the carpets, tiles or grout you’re looking to clean or timber, concrete and natural stone you’re looking to bring back to life.


In addition to our floor cleaning, we also offer professional upholstery cleaning to revitalise and extend the life of your chairs, sofas and fabrics.


Put a 24/7 flood restoration service


We also offer specialised cleaning services such as;

✔ Graffiti & Stain Removal

✔ Large Vehicle Cleaning

✔ Boats

✔ Aircraft

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Domestic Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning

Our team are fully accredited, fully insured and all our work is backed up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee

About Us

Our trained technicians have completed accredited carpet cleaning, hard surface and chemical application course prior to commencement of fieldwork at Hygiene Masters. We believe there is no substitute for training and product education.

It is because of this high level of training that we are able to produce such a high standard consistently.

It is our product knowledge coupled with our high level of customer service that has contributed to our success and offering a pleasant experience from start to finish.

We are homeowners too and we understand that the cost of upkeep can be daunting which is why we try to keep our costs down.

We’ll look after it like it’s ours.

We also aspire to protect and guard your furniture and assets on the job by providing corner guards to protect your walls and furniture and to use drop-sheets and microfibre towelling to wipe away any residue left from our cleaning systems leaving your surrounding environment and floors looking the best they can be!

 Here is the best part, why risk booking a company to come clean your hard surfaces without seeing results?

We visit your home or commercial premises at no cost to you to test, demonstrate and accurately measure the areas needed. This way you get to see results whilst exactly knowing what your hard-earned money is paying for!

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